Waxed Cotton | China

Founded in 2003 our supplier is specializing in research & development, production and sales of canvas and denim. Their ability of R&D and production technology put them at the leading position in textile industry.
As a privately owned company our suppliers produce and refine every product for top quality results.
Originally developed as a waterproof utility fabric, used in a nautical and military context, waxed canvas has now been superseded by a range of synthetic products with greater strength and greater water resistance. Post World War II, waxed canvas found its way into the public sphere via army surplus stores and began to be used for recreational purposes.
In recent decades this environmentally friendly fabric has seen a resurgence in popularity, partly because its durability and waterproof qualities make it a popular vegan alternative to leather and partly because of its appealing retro aesthetic. It has the performance qualities of a synthetic utility fabric, with none of the sporty or military connotations.