BeLeaf Material | Brazil


The Plant 

Vertical Elephant Ear is a tropical plant that grows on the banks of forests and rivers. The ‘Alocasia Macrorrhiza’ is born freely, not being typically cultivated. The choice for this plant was made by the combination of beauty, availability and leaf size which ranges from 2sqm to 5 sqm. Plants produce leaves throughout the year. After leaves are open, the tips of the leaves can reach up to 10 feet in height. 

The supplying company nevertheless planted thousands of seedlings between the ranks of its Mahogany reforestation site and on the banks of its replanting of native trees of the region (Mata Atlantica), as well as on the banks of the waters that flow through the property. In addition to its own production, the company has been creating partnerships with independent farmers in the region. 




Technology and Sustainability  

The BeLeaf technology potentially applies to any plant, although it must be adapted to the peculiarities of each type. 

BeLeaf is an entirely organic process, with no heavy metals usage and with 100% complete reuse and reintegration of the solid waste and processed water to the environment. 

The water used in the process of ‘tanning’ of the leaves , after treatment for PH balancing, is pumped back to the fields surrounding the factory, for reuse in the fertilisation and irrigation of the plants. 

Because only organic processes are used in the making of the BeLeaf material, not only the water but also the solid residues are 100% reused. These residues go through a process of decomposition (composting) to which they join eucalyptus bark discarded by producers in the region. The result is an organic compound used as planting fertiliser and cover in the elephant’s own planting.